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February 12th, 2017

15 Benefits of Using Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Salt is the talk of the town. It is also known as pink salt and crystal salt. You might be well known with this item entering our households, that is, if you are not living under a rock. The salt is extracted from Himalaya and Punjab and is put to multiple uses with amazing advantages!
1. Hormonal Balance
It aids in the overall of hormonal balance for both men and women and ensures a stable pH balance in the cells.

2. Improves Hydration
Feel tired and dehydrated? Pinches of this salt can be put in drinks to improve your hydration throughout the day. If you drink a glass of water with teaspoon of hydrated salt diluted, it will show its benefits quick by energizing you and restore electrolytes in your body.

3. Clears Arteries
One lesser known effect includes the eradication of waste from your arteries and restoring all the damage previously done to your arteries. This eventually leads to improved blood circulation in your body.

4. Controlling water levels within the body
The salt is acclaimed for ensuring regular functioning of system. Water content of the body is duly regulated and this is also translated in healthy blood sugar levels.

5. Controlling Acid Levels
One of the key features of pink salt is that it is also pivotal in balancing the acid and alkaline levels in our body. A bath infused by pink salt will be helpful in these cases.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure
This is scientifically proven that crystal salt contains lesser sodium in comparison to the regular table salt. This is good news for all those who face problems with high blood pressure. Moreover, low levels of potassium in this pink salt aids in controlling blood pressure. This salt is better absorbed in body due to its mineral composition and therefore helps modulate body pressures.

7. Controls signs of Aging
Women might especially take note here. The rich minerals present in pink salt can make you look young as it reduces signs of aging by improving metabolism. Eliminating toxins and create electrolyte balance.

8. Improved Digestion
Due to crystal salt, the food after being broken down in our body is absorbed more in the intestinal tract. The overall health of the human body is improved as nutrients in salt aid in digestion process.

9. Better respiratory system

Pink salt leads to an overall betterment of the respiratory system and also decreases the impact of sinus problem. Taking solutions of hot water and salt will yield quick results to alleviate respiratory issues.

10. Body and Bone Strength
Indispensable minerals for body health are contained by pink salt which add to bone strength, relax stiff joints and maintain connective tissues.

11. Reduces Acid Reflux
Unbalanced pH can be a problem for many and leads to several other issues. Excess stomach acid can be neutralized if water mixed with crystal salt is made a constant habit.

12. Detoxification
Salt is known as the ‘vehicle’ to detoxify your body. The Himalayan salt is the purest and cleanest salt and therefore is considered the best for detoxifying the body. The toxins that are entering your body at all times unknowingly are being stored in your cells. This salt removes the toxins from the cells to the bloodstream from where they can be discarded easily.

13. Improves Sleep
Arguably, the best benefit reaped is peaceful stretches of sleep. Considering how much we love and need sleep and our issues of lack of sleep, pink salt provides us with eased muscles and a calm state of mind providing systematic and wholesome sleep.

14. Purify Air
You must also pay attention to refine the air that you breathe. Himalayan salt is a natural air purifier as it absorbs moisture in the air. Himalayan salt lamps are quite in fashion as an aesthetic decoration and air purifier.

15. Muscle Relaxation
In today’s busy lives who doesn’t want this? We are all aching by the end of the day and once again the pink salt is here for our rescue. A warm bath immersed with pink salt helps loosen your soreness and cramps. The absorbed minerals also build up damaged tissues and muscles.

It has been increasingly compared to table salt by healthcare experts and many conclusions have been drawn. Table salt contains chemicals and sugar and is devoid of natural chemical substances and structures due to the processes it goes through. Table salt lacks nutrition required and essential minerals. In contrast, Crystal salt contains less sodium, is more flavorful and lacks almost all impurities. Being available easily, we expect and recommend you switch to another salt (hint: the pink one!)

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