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February 24th, 2017

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps and Their Health Benefits

Himalayan crystal salt (also known as the pink salt) has been in for ages however its popularity in recent times has highly grown. People have incorporated this ingredient into many uses over the course of their daily life and one very famous and aesthetic use of crystal salt is the lamp made from it. You may have seen one around. These lamps are not only in fashion to add to the decoration of your room and give it a pleasing and relaxing look but they have highly desirable consequences that you might not even acknowledge. Let’s have a look at some of the many benefits these lamps may bring.

Now the Himalayan crystal salt is a natural air cleanser. These lamps trap the water molecules and other foreign particles inside them. Once absorbed, they keep elements like dust, pollen, smoke get locked in the stone itself whereas pure water evaporates back in the air of your room. This process is known as hygroscopy. The contaminated air of your room has now been freshened and sterilized.

Thanks to the salt lamps!

This is also highly instrumental and valuable for all those who suffer from either asthma or different kinds of allergies. The pink salt eradicates even the microscopic dust particles and purifies the surrounding air. People using it will see reduced symptoms within weeks of use. There are even pink salt inhalers as they are proven to tackle asthma.

It is discussed and decided that Himalayan pink salt does filter the air. This is one reason why it is a remedy to coughing too. Now, Himalayan salt actually absorbs all the vapors in the air along with the foreign particles to disinfect the air. This directly reduces dust particles and smoke in the air you breathe automatically improving your respiration. One thing that negatively affects our breathing is positive ions discharged mostly from electronics and they negatively affect your trachea causing coughing. The salt lamps absorb these and instead eject negative ions which have the reverse effect and keep our lungs clear.

I repeat, the pink salt attracts pollutants and sanitizes the air and helps neutralize the effects of electronics. This brings to another pivotal point, the handling of electromagnetic waste. The radiation in the air by electromagnetic devices is harmful (of course) and the crystal salt is contributory in neutralizing its effects. The generation of negative ions is to be thanked for! For best results, salt lamps can be kept adjacent or near an electronic device.

To add to the list, is better sleep. All of us are increasingly compromising on our sleep hours and neglecting the fact that a good night’s sleep is the foremost key to a good day and a good health.

Positive ions have far reached consequences. They affect your sleep too! This is because they reduce bold and oxygen supply to the brain. Bringing a Himalayan salt lamp in the room means that there is lesser undesired waste in the air and therefore, regularity in sleep patterns can be expected.

Pink salt lamps are also popular to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The placement of these lamps boosts concentration, lighten mood and improve energy level. The warm glow of this lamp can be used when sunshine is scantly available.

The lamps are making it big as they have caught numerous eyes for their appealing colors, and satisfying glow but it is put forward that it is very advantageous for our health too. Some of the many benefits, we have told you. If you are still not inclined to get a pink salt in your bedroom asap,

you need to reread!

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